Leo Schrattenholzer

Leo Schrattenholzer (1949-2009) received his master's degree in mathematics in 1973 and his Ph.D. in energy economics in 1979, both from the Technical University of Vienna. Leo joined IIASA in 1973, working in Wolf Haefele’s Energy Program, which produced the first comprehensive and truly global assessment of energy issues. After working as a consultant for the World Bank and UNIDO, and for governmental institutions, he rejoined IIASA in 1990 as a research scholar in the Environmentally Compatible Energy Strategies Program, which he led from 2000 until 2006. Next Leo joined IRM as a senior consultant before he became a Guest Professor at the Energy and Climate Studies Division of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, where he taught doctoral students energy economics and modelling.
Leo took a special interest in personally mentoring many of the young scientists who spent summers doing research at IIASA. His personal guidance was fondly remembered and his extra effort regularly praised. Leo was a superb colleague and a fine person to work with, especially at times of extreme deadline pressure. 
From its inception Leo co-organized the International Energy Workshop (IEW), initially with Alan Manne until Alan’s death in 2005, and subsequently with Joe Aldy. For three decades, the workshop has brought together the world’s leading energy experts to analyze energy models and scenarios. Leo fostered the growth of IEW into today’s large and vibrant international community, while always making a special effort to include and encourage young scientists. The IEW is one of Leo’s true legacies. 
Leo was an avid outdoorsman with a great sense of humor and appreciation of adventure. He was an excellent skier who also enjoyed fast driving, parachuting and flying.